Crafting an owl sculpture out of birch wood

Here is me making a fantasy owl sculpture from my own design. This wood carving is made out of birch wood for those who wonders.

Up next might be a bird feeder or something else than a sculpture. I know myself well enough to say that it is going to be about three days of a lot of back and forth between ideas. Lets hope i figure out a good one.

Thank you for all the support you show me. I wish you all a good day


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Tools used:
Bandsaw: Rec BS350 Bandsaw
Dremel: Dremel 3000 (with a flexible shaft attachment)
Merlin2 Mini grinder with a Tungsten Carbide Coarse Disc attached.

Dremel bits:
– 1/4″ Inch sanding drum
– 1/2″ inch sanding drum
– Fine diamond bur

Liberon Finishing oil


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