Christ Rediscovered — The Provocative Portrait Almost Lost to Art History

In this Episode of Expert Voices, join David Pollack, Vice President, Old Master Paintings, as he recounts the rediscovery of Jan Sanders van Hemessen’s Christ as Triumphant Redeemer. Originally painted in the mid-16th century, this bright and provocative composition was overpainted with dark tones to hide the artist’s striking treatment of Christ in favor of a more modest portrayal. However, after being sold in a European auction, the painting underwent careful restoration to reveal the incredibly well-preserved original composition lying underneath. Christ is not portrayed here as a Man of Sorrows. The self-assured upright pose, prominent presentation of His wounds and idiosyncratic color scheme characterize Christ as a man as well as the Redeemer of the World. Christ as Triumphant Redeemer will be offered as a highlight of Sotheby’s Master Paintings Evening Sale.



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