UNSOLVED Mysteries Of The Art World!

Check out these unsolved mysteries of the art world! This top 10 list of hidden messages in famous art has some bizarre unexplained secrets to this day!

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10. La Bella Principessa
One of the most enthralling stories of an unidentified piece of art is that of ‘La Bella Principessa’. In 1998 Kate Ganz, an art dealer from New York, purchased this study, that depicted the head and shoulders of a young woman, for just under $22,000 from Christie’s in New York. She sold it, in 2007, to Peter Silverman, a Canadian collector, for a similar price- saying at the time that it was based on a number of paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci.

9. The Image of Jane Austen
She’s one of the most famous British authors ever, having written Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice- but Jane Austen is also the subject of one of the art world’s longest running mysteries. It all relates to a painting, known as the ‘Rice’ portrait, and whether it is of a young Austen, or someone else altogether.

8. Who owns “Dancer Making Points”?
This stunning image, painted by Degas, is valued at a whopping 10 million dollars. It’s not entirely clear, though, who the rightful owner of the portrait is, as it seems to have changed hands in rather mysterious ways. By the way…are there any fans of the show Fake or Fortune out there?

7. Who was the Girl with a Pearl Earring?
The girl with a pearl earring, painted in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer, is one of the most famous images in the art world. It’s from the Dutch Golden Age, and is often voted as the most beautiful painting in the Netherlands- but one question remains, who was the subject?

6. How did Van Gogh Die?
Many people consider Van Gogh one of the greatest painters of all time. He’s certainly one of the most famous, even if it’s just because everyone knows about how he cut off his own ear in a moment of insanity. The true mystery of the artist behind the Starry Night, Sunflowers, and Self-portrait with bandaged ear, though, is how did he die?

5. The Battle of Anghiari
The Battle of Anghiari is a painting by one of the world’s most famous artists- Leonardo Da Vinci. He was commissioned to paint it in 1503 for the Great Council Hall in Florence, but the problem is- every image you may have ever seen of the painting is done by other artists, because the original has been lost.

4. The Biggest Heist in History
I’m sure you, like me, love a good heist story, but the truth behind the biggest heist ever carried out is still to be uncovered. For those of you who guessed, it took place in 1990 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Security guards opened the doors to two policemen who were responding to a disturbance but, to their surprise, the cops handcuffed them!

3. The Identity of Banksy
Art goes hand in hand with the ideas of pushing the limits and exploring new ideas, and Banksy definitely lives up to this to this. He first came onto the scene in 1990, as a freehand graffiti artist in Bristol, in the UK, but since then he’s moved on to stencilled works, and is renowned for his humour, satire, and anti-establishment ethos.

2. The Original Mona Lisa
Leonardo’s Mona Lisa is, without doubt, the most recognisable portrait that’s ever been made. It’s housed in the Louvre museum in Paris and is much smaller in person than you’d expect. There’s questions about who the person depicted in the painting is, but more curious is whether the one on display is even a likeness of a real person in the first place.

1. The Object in “David’s” Hand
Michelangelo’s “David” is the most recognisable sculpture in the world and, beyond controversies in some places about the unashamed nakedness of the piece, there’s a mystery surrounding it, and how complete it actually is.

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