ChiuStream: My Resolutions – Real Time demonstration

Bobby’s New Year’s resolution is… 4K. That is, it’s clear, well-defined, and gets his high fidelity. In this ChiuStream, Bobby shares his macro vision for the year: his New Year’s Resolutions. Join him live and talk about what you resolve in 2019. Starting this hour, take your resolutions seriously and don’t expect them to fail and start next year on a launching pad with booster rockets!

1. 5 second rule (act on your good ideas within 5 seconds)
2. Notice everytime you have a negative thought.
3. First 90 minutes of your work day are for your ultimate goal.
4. Commit to doing something healthy (Wim Hof method).
5. Commit to learning something new.
6. Count your blessings before bed.


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