Ballet dancer model poses – Gesture Drawing Online #004

Gesture drawing is a great way to practice drawing from life, and it’s a skill that will help you communicate your ideas more clearly. Unlike traditional observational drawing, where you copy what you see, in gesture drawing, you trace the movements of your model. It’s a lot easier to draw what you see than what you don’t. But with a little practice, you’ll be able to capture the essence of a person’s pose and movement in a drawing.
Figure drawing from life allows you to develop your sense of proportion, balance, and detail, while also fine-tuning your drawing techniques.

11 Ballet Dancer model poses for gesture sketching and figure drawing. Video from the “Gesture Drawing Online” channel, a great resource for practicing life drawing.


20 minutes of art model reference, perfect for a little creative break in the day,

1:33 skip intro.
8:26 skip to two minutes.
20:00 skip to five minutes.
25:30 skip to gallery

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