Meisha – Figure Drawing Model Reference #FEFDraw #13

Video for practicing gesture and figure drawing from a live model. Figure drawing reference video from “Draw This” channel. Model is Meisha.

Join us for a free LIVE figure drawing session from our studio in Huntington Beach, California.

Our model today is Meisha. Support our model and production team at

Post your drawings from this session on social media using the #FEFDRAW hashtag, or email them to us at [email protected], and they will be featured during the stream.

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Today’s Schedule:
20 X 1 Minute Poses
4 Minute Break
10 X 2 Minute Poses
4 Minute Break
3 X 5 Minute Poses
4 Minute Break
2 X 10 Minute Pose
4 Minute Break
1 X 15 Minute Pose


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