Airbrush Effects – Bowling Pin Rose

In this video, I’ll show you how I painted a rose onto a bowling pin, so still back and enjoy!

Step By Step:

1. spraying a light coat of white onto the pin and place the selfmade stencil where the rose is going to be. Than spraying around the edges to get the placement and proportions correct. Afterwards I came in with a pencil and sketched the inside of the rose freehand.

2. I started out with some white and build up all the light areas of the rose, as well as adding the first textures onto the leafs. At this stage I also tried to keep the shadowareas dark. Be aware of where your lightsource is coming from!

3. Just adding some flames and puzzlepieces to the background. When doing flames, do not make use too much of a freehand stencil, only use it to create sharp edges, but paint the flames itself freehand, this will give you a more naturall looking fire.

4. Just using some magenta to color everthing.

5. Using a shadowcolor to define the shadow areas and again, creating some texture. The color is mixed up of magenta and purple, try not to use black, this will make your colors become muddy and dull.

6. Coming back in with some white to create the highlights and again adding more texture… don’t overdo it with the white, because you want your first layer to be visible!

7. Just using that magenta again to push back the white to make it fit better into the piece. after painting the second layer of flames and coloring those as well, I will repeat the last two steps again, befor finishing the project.

I hope you liked this little time lapse video and if you have questions, feel free to aks!

Colors: Createx wicked white, magenta, purple, phlato-green
Airbrush: Harder & Steenbeck Evolution, Infinity
Other: selfmade stencils


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