A Pastel Painting Demo in 10 minutes…NOT a Time Lapse!

Would you like to get past the pastel learning curve faster? Would you like to become a more confident painter? Doing quick studies will help! In this video Karen Margulis demonstrate a small and quick pastel painting of a poppy.  She says: “I became more efficient at painting small studies when I was working full time and had little time to paint. I set a timer and called my paintings ‘studies’.
TIP: I find that it helps to start with the darks and big simple shapes. I gradually refine the shapes and add detail until I am satisfied.
Doing these quick studies has helped me become a more confident painter. Why not set a timer and try a quick pastel study!”


1. Pastelmat Pastel paper white
2. Terry Ludwig soft pastels Floral Landscape set
3. Nupastels hard pastel to tone paper
4.Pipe insulation foam for blending

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