5 Tips for better drawings – Will Terrel

Check out 5 MORE tips on better drawings here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctJK1V

These are some of the tips that have helped me to improve my drawings. Always remember, there is not ONE way to draw. These tips are just suggestions to help you refine your work. But there are many ways to get to the same results. And even I don’t always follow these same rules every time. That said, I hope they help!

The types of pens I use in this video:

Sharpie Pen: http://smarturl.it/sharpie

Zebra Brush Pen: http://smarturl.it/zebra


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Below are Amazon affiliate links for some of the supplies I use in these videos.
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The type of sketchbook I use is the Earthbound Cachet sketchbook, available here:

The white pen I use is a White Gelly Roller Gel pen available at most arts and crafts stores, or on Amazon…

Red/Blue Colored pencil from Prismacolor :

I’ve made two videos talking about the types of drawing supplies I use… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLE3N7mFJj8

And another demonstrating them…


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