360 degree video – Tour of Norman Rockwell’s Stockbridge Studio (HD)

Watch this 360 degree video tour of Norman Rockwell’s Stockbridge Studio by Stephanie Plunkett, Deputy Director and Chief Curator of Norman Rockwell Museum.
Rockwell occupied some 20 studios during his life, but it was the last one—seen below—that he called his “best studio yet.” The building was originally located in the backyard of his home on South Street in Stockbridge, Mass. In 1976, toward the end of his life, Rockwell left the studio and its contents to Norman Rockwell Museum. The building was cut in two and moved to the Museum’s grounds in 1986.

The Museum has long presented the studio as it was when Rockwell passed away. Now, we have turned back the clock to an earlier, active period in his career: October 1960, when he was hard at work on his painting, Golden Rule, which would later appear on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Enjoy this special glimpse into Rockwell’s surroundings, working process, and sources of artistic inspiration…just as they were in 1960!


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