3 Artists, 3 Perspectives A Facebook Live event – 5 hours

While a small live audience watched the demo, Facebook users around the globe made comments and asked questions about the painting process. Faculty members Dan Thompson and Natalie Italiano offered expert commentary and took questions from the audience and prompted answers from the artists.
All three artists showcased the Studio Incamminati approach – an innovative curriculum teaching a gestural direct-style painting method that combines academic drawing, form painting with a broad color palette. However, as the demo progresses, the individual style of each artist shines through showing the broad flexibility of the school’s approach.
During the performance, featuring five cameras, on-air commentary and Facebook interactive Q&A, each instructor demonstrated a different aspect of the Studio Incamminati curriculum.

Fellow Nell O’leary focused on “color study,” an exercise where color is maximized and explored as the basis of visual stimuli, and using color as the starting point to creating a longer study or painting.

Instructor Jafang Lu created a charcoal drawing, using gesture and massing shapes directly on the surface as the start, then using planes going from larger to smaller. This sculptural method can be developed further to a finished piece.

Instructor Kerry Dunn used a combination method, bringing these different exercises into one process,He built a painting from the gestural start and moved into the middle stages of structure and color, ultimately bringing the painting to completion with “finish modeling.” View Kerry’s work.

B. Eric Rhoads, the portrait subject, is a passionate artist and art collector with over 30 years of launching companies and brands in radio, publishing, the art industry and direct marketing. He is chairman of the board of Streamline Publishing, Inc., which publishes Fine Art Connoisseur and PleinAir magazines and digital newsletters Fine Art Today, PleinAir Today, American Watercolor Weekly and Artists On Art.


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