Victorian Watercolor Basics with Jessica Henry

Hi All! I hope you’re all having a wonderful launch into the holiday season! This is such a busy time but it’s so nice to be able to break away from the rush and take a little time to unwind. I find that watercolor painting is very relaxing and with a little patience you can begin to feel confident with your creations. I hope to share that with you in this video~ that Victorian watercolor painting is very controlled and easy to manage.

I am gifting to you 4 little drawings in a PDF file here below. One of the drawings is from todays demonstration. You may print them off and use them for your own! You are welcome to adjust the sizes on your printer as needed.

Below I am sharing the links that I mentioned in this video. Be sure to check out the Victorian Watercolor workshop in the homeland: England! Next July, 2019, I will be in Dorset, right along the beach in Southern England teaching a 3 day workshop painting Victorian Watercolor. I’d love to meet you! Class size is limited to 12, so don’t wait! I expect this one to fill quickly. (I will also be teaching a 4 day plein air right there right before the watercolor course!)

REMEMBER: On the 7th, 14th and the 21st (I kept saying it wrong in the video- sorry) I will be giving a free painting to one lucky person! Just Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment! You could be the name drawn. Your comment is your entry! If you follow me on Facebook or are a member of the Renaissance Community, I will be doing a drawing each week in each of those platforms as well! If you’re a part of all 3 you’ve tripled your chances of winning! I will be giving away different art of mine, from Oil Painting to Watercolors! Below is a link to my Facebook page, and other ways to connect. And join our Renaissance Creative Arts Community! We are offering our very best holiday sales ever! You wont believe the discounts! I thought my partner was crazy for marking everything so low- but ya know- I think it’s a super nice way to show our appreciation for you all and what we care about most is that YOU find the inner peace that comes with the act of creating.

So check out all that I have offered here below, I think you’ll love what you see!
See you next week!
Love and holiday greetings to you all!

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Special Offers:

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Thanks so much!

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Basic Watercolors: :
• Titanium White
• Cadmium Yellow Medium
• Yellow Ochre
• Burnt Sienna
• Ultramarine Blue
• Pthalo Green
• Alizarin Crimson

In this video I am using
Strathmore Watercolor Postcards, 140 lb. Cold Pressed 4″ x 6″
Sable brush size 6
synthetic tiny brush size 3/0
Water glasses
Natural Sponge
Palette for paints


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