Trying free art apps!

I tried 16 free art based apps I found on the app store for my tablet. Some of these are already proving to be EXTREMELY helpful, others I immediately deleted after filming. Also, sorry about the way I was pronouncing “Adobe”. It was an accident… ?

Apps and time codes:
Figure Anatomy 0:48
MagicPoser 1:52
3DAnatomyfortheArtist 3:11
Easy Poser 5:15
Make a Pose 6:20
Palettes 7:30
Color 8:40
Pocket Palette 9:22
Design Home 10:30
Home Design 11:27
SketchBook 12:54
Adobe Draw 14:00
Sketches 14:50
Kaleido Free 15:42
Color Number 16:11

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