Tips on Traditional Inking for Comics – Robert Marzullo

In this video I talk about traditional inking for comics using various pens. I am using the Tombow brush pens ( Dual Tip and the Fudenosuke 150 ), 01 and 03 Microns, Strathmore Bristol Board 200 series, and a Uniball White-out pen. I ended up using Pro White and a brush after the video to do small touch ups. I also mention the Presto white out pen which does a much better job for larger coverage areas.

I recently watched a video on @David Finch channel where he inked over a rough sketch. It inspired me to try that process. It was fun and a much quicker way to produce the artwork.

Let me know what you think and be sure to follow his channel for more great content on creating comic art!

Thank you for watching and for support this channel!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics


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