The ‘Goodbye’ Sketchbook Tour – MY 50 FAVORITE ARTWORKS!

Get a Signed Prints or Original Artwork:
Any additional funds we raise in the next month will be reserved and used ONLY for this channel and its content, and in doing so, we will be 100% transparent. Once the campaign is over we will be putting together a Google spreadsheet that we’ll make available to everyone where we’ll show the funds and the overage, and you’ll get to see every time any of it is used, be it on paint, a camera, file storage and backup, or props and supplies we couldn’t have afforded without you, to make future content on this channel more exciting than ever before – all thanks to you.

We feel like we plucked up all of our courage to ask for a little help to make even better stuff for you, and everyone is attacking us all at once with love, and saying HELL YES, IN FACT MAKE IT EVEN COOLER THAN YOU SAID YOU WOULD – and I promise you – we will!

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