Clay Sculpture: Lionel Messi, the full figure sculpturing process from

Clay Sculpture: Lionel Messi

Messi is my all-time favourite football player, respect! So, I decide to sculpture his figure as my very first video on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave your comments down below, and let me know who else you want me to sculpture. Please subscribe my channel to show your support? Hello everyone, this is […]
Clay Sculpture: Cristiano Ronaldo, the full figure sculpturing process from

Clay Sculpture: Cristiano Ronaldo, the full figure sculpturing process from scratch.

Cristiano Ronaldo! Still couldn’t believe this guy is already in his mid-30s, still so energetic and still in crazy physique, respect! Hello everyone, this is JAY. I am a professional clay sculptor, and passionate about making character figures. I will try my best to recreate all the details of each figure. Hope you enjoy my […]
Pencil Process from Scratch Eliza Ivanova

Pencil illustration from Scratch – Eliza Ivanova

This drawing started without a solid concept in mind. I found a few references that I wanted to combine and turn into something new with a narrative; the “story” eventually came to the surface by itself. You can see me searching for ideas as I add elements here and there. source
Game Graphic Design tutorial Learn to create digital 2D Game

Game Graphic Design tutorial: 2D Game Graphics in PS

Hi are you looking to lean how to create professional digital game graphics? Would you like to make money creating art work for games and animations? Then this is your course for creating digital backgrounds from scratch. This course can give you the skills to become a freelance illustrator or graphic artist designer. Would you […]