How to paint a sunset using soft pastels

A time-lapse video that shows how to paint a sunset using soft pastels.

The pastels that I used can be seen at the start of the video (Rembrandt, Koh-i-Noor, Toison D’Or Extra Soft and Jack Richeson handmade). I used Hahnemuhle Velour paper. I love its felt-like texture; it allows me to add nearly countless layers of colour. However smudging is quite difficult and it consumes a lot of pastel. I do not use fixatives because they tend to ruin the color, especially the highlights.

The artwork measures about 9.5 in. by 13.25 in. The entire process took about two hours. The reference photo is from a friend; she captured the photo while she was on the bus, travelling on her way home from the province.

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