Simple Way to Paint Landscape | An Overcast Day | Acrylic Painting

In this video I am showing a Simple Way to Paint Landscape in Acrylic on Canvas Step by Step. This is a Painting tutorial for Beginners. Here I am describing each and every steps of the painting. This channel is all about Art, Painting, Drawing, Learning and Sharing. Those who love art can enjoy this channel. This is my diary of art where I document my working process and sharing it.

Queries solved in this video:

1. Easy Way to Paint Landscape.
2. Easy Way to Paint Trees.
3. How to Paint Grasses?
4. Easy Acrylic Painting Step by Step.

The color palette I am using today:

Titanium White, Cad Yellow Light, Cad Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Crimson Lake, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Payne’s Grey, Viridian.

Other Landscape Painting Tutorial links:

How to Paint a Beautiful Sunset –
How to Paint Pond Water –
How to Paint Water Stream –
How to Paint Mountain –

The material I have used in this painting:

1. Filbert Brushes.

2. Flat taklon brushes.

3. Round Paint Brushes.

4. Rigger Brush:

5. Canvas Board.

6. Camlin Artist Acrylic Colors.

The Light I am using:
1. Light stand:

2. Light Holder

3. Light Bulb 5000K

The Tripods I am using:

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