Resin Casting Tutorial: Casting resin, cleaning resin

This tutorial explains how to clean your resin casting out of a silicone mold. After the cast resin comes out of the silicone mold there’s always some clean up to get it ready for painting. I go over how to remove and clean the pour spout, air vents, and flashing (seams), with various hand tools, and demo how I give it a final sanding and prep for painting. I also introduce some power tools that help expedite this process. Here are some materials and tools links from the video:

Smooth-Cast 300, Casting Resin (pint kit):
Smooth-Cast 300, Casting Resin (gallon kit):
Super Sculpey Firm:
Mold Star 15 Silicone (pint kit):
Sprue Cutters (flush cut):
X-ACTO Knife:
Zona Fine Razor Saw (I prefer the Zona over the X-ACTO):
X-ACTO Blades (assorted):
Needle File Set:
Sanding discs (variety pak):
Belt/Disc Sander:
** I have this model from Central Machinery – It’s cheap and a bit wonky, but works for me.
This Rikon here would be an awesome upgrade:
**My bandsaw’s also a little wonky- Rinkon makes a really nice 10 inch:
and they have a deluxe model for about $100 more:
*as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases 🙂

You can check out more casting and mold making videos on my “Sculpture Tutorials” Playlist. Thanks for looking!


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