Real-time COLORED PENCIL Portrait Process

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Sorry for that ABRUPT jump into the video XD I filmed this right after filming the first pencil crayon portrait study..!
I deliberately left out the music since I thought the scratching of the paper was satisfying ? and also since the sound level of my voice is quite low at times! I didn’t try as hard to trim this one down since I figure anyone who watches these kinds of videos is working on something else on the side, so I tried to leave in most of it as possible! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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â–ş Materials:

Strathmore Mix Media 500 series sketchbook:
Prismacolor Scholar:
Staedtler Noris Club:
Prismacolor Col-erase (I used the shade “Vermillion”):
Prismacolor kneadable eraser:

“Shapa” model k1-1100 (korean brand pencil sharpener)

â–ş My Watercolour Palette:

– W&N Winsor Red :
– W&N Permanent Rose :
– W&N Winsor Yellow :
– W&N Permanent Sap Green :
– W&N Cerulean Blue :
– W&N French Ultramarine :
– W&N Burnt Sienna :
– W&N Vandyke Brown :

– Daniel Smith Cadmium Orange Hue :
– Daniel Smith Prussian Green :
– M. Graham Cobalt Teal:

â–ş My gouache palette:

– W&N Designer Gouache Primary Red:
– W&N Designer Gouache Primary Yellow:
– W&N Designer Gouache Permanent Green Middle:
– W&N Designer Gouache Primary Blue:
– W&N Designer Gouache Burnt Umber:
– W&N Designer Gouache Ivory Black:
– W&N Designer Gouache Permanent White:
– W&N Designer Gouache Flesh Tint:

– M. Graham & Co Gamboge:
– M. Graham & Co Quinacridone Rose:
– M. Graham & Co Viridian:

– Da Vinci Permanent Artist’s Gouache Yellow Deep
– Da Vinci Permanent Artist’s Gouache Red
– Da Vinci Permanent Artist’s Gouache Red Rose (Quinacridone)
– Da Vinci Permanent Artist’s Gouache Cerulean Blue (Hue)
– Da Vinci Permanent Artist’s Gouache Ultramarine Blue

â–ş My Equipment

My Printer:

– Canon Pixma Pro 100:
– Paper:

â–ş What I film with:

– iPhone 8 256 GB
– Phone clamp :
– Adjustable phone mount:

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â–ş Music:

Airport Lounge – Disco Ultralounge by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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