Quick Figure Drawing Charcoal Sketches

This is a time lapse recording of a couple 20 minute figure drawing sketches in charcoal. These were done from a live model here at my studio in Overland Park, KS. See specific materials used below.

I don’t get to a high level of detail in a typical 20 minute drawing, and instead concentrate on major light and shadow divisions and overall relationships. I don’t have time in 20 minutes to do my usual straight-line block in (to learn more about this see this video: https://youtu.be/h9MOCceJJ6A ) but I find that the practice of doing the block in has helped me to estimate distances and angles by eye when doing these quicker sketches.

When I use Strathmore’s Toned Gray Paper, I tend to use less white than when I use darker ones and I allow the tone of the paper to show through for the middle values.

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Materials Used In This Demo:

General’s Charcoal Pencils 2B, HB and White
Strathmore Toned Gray Paper

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