PRIMARY COLORS ONLY Acrylic Color Mixing Tutorial (ColorByFeliks)

Welcome back! In this acrylic painting tutorial we will go step by step to learn how to blend your own colors using only the primary colors: yellow, red, blue and white. This is the color blending technique that I always use & it will help you save some money on paints too!

Thank you to my awesome patrons who helped me pick this topic! Enjoy, and please be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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-Naphthol Red Light:

-Ultramarine Blue:

-Cadmium Yellow Light:

-Titanium White:

-Carbon Black:

-ColorByFeliks M1 Blending Brush:

-Cheap Artist Loft Brush Kit (I used #8, 6, 4):


-Palette Knife:

All work ©ColorByFeliks and may only be recreated for the purpose of learning


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