Preview | Urban Sketching: Drawing People in Places with Marc Taro Holmes

You’ll find even urban sketching lessons from Marc here:

Get excited about drawing and sketching the life and excitement of a city street scene with and Marc Taro Holmes’ new Urban Sketching video series. In this preview from Drawing People in Places, you’ll get drawing tips on how to quickly draw people that are passing by, how to give form to your figures, and how to accent your painting with notes of color.

Visit to access the full-length video as Marc paints this lively street scene from start to finish, filled with people and their dogs. You’ll learn how to quickly capture the silhouette and large shapes that will help you portray your subject accurately. Then follow along to add realistic, expressive details with each new passerby. Once your composition is in place, use ink to draw in all the details and develop form, then bring your subjects to life with watercolor.


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