Preview | Creative Colored Pencil Techniques with Janie Gildow

Playing now on, this video workshop opens the boundaries of traditional colored pencil techniques, exploring what the colored pencil can do on a variety of unique surfaces and in combination with other mediums. Assuming that users know colored pencil basics, artist Janie Gildow jumps right into colored pencil techniques for working on mylar and dark surfaces, and shares time-saving tips for how it works in conjunction with watercolor and soft pastel. Janie completes mini demos with each new exploration, sharing colored pencil lessons along the way for layering, transparency, values, application and more for success with colored pencil.

Full of take-home techniques galore, preview Creative Colored Pencil Techniques here now for colored pencil tips on working with drafting film to establish values, how to transfer a line drawing and achieve rich color on a black surface, and how to use watercolor or pastel with colored pencil for a vibrancy you can’t get with pencil alone! Then visit for access to the full-length version of this video.


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