Prague, At The Heart Of Europe – Documentary

Prague is a magic city. At the geographic centre of Europe, this capital of a now new country boasts an incredible wealth of culture. Nestling amidst the meanders of the Vlatva river, the old city is a stone’s throw from the ultra-modern district of Karlin. The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, Art Nouveau and the communist regime have in turn left their mark on the city’s physiognomy. Mozart, Kafka, Mucha and many others have also left traces of their talent. Alternating cultural heritage with more contemporary themes, Pierre Brouwers shows us that Prague is anything but a museum city.

Wenceslas Square . The Castle . Changing the Guard . St Guy’s Cathedral . The Vltava and Charles Bridge . The Old Town . Puppets . Shadow Theatre . The Jewish Quarter, Cemetery, Synagogues . Astronomy Clock . Powder Case Tower . The Battle of White Mountain . Urban Vineyards . Artists Market . The John Lennon Wall . Karlin Market . Architecture . Kafka Museum . Mucha Museum . Gold Backstreet . Petrín Hill, “Eiffel Tower” and Funicular Railway . The Feast of Saint Wenceslas . Prague by Night, Original Bars . Traditional Brasserie . Zizkov Tower and Giant Babies . Organ Concert . Metro and Tramways . Opera House . Concert and Traditional Dancing . Bohemia and Prague from the sky . Etc.


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