Polymer Clay Sculpture | Making of "RADIUM ZOO"

This is a a pop surrealism acrylic painting on polymer clay sculpture inspired by the series Chernobyl and the movie Annihilation and I’ve included some fun facts! I hope you enjoy! Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:


What does the title of the piece mean?

Radium Zoo is inspired by the story of Radium Girls, I highly recommend looking the story up! In the early 1900’s women were using Radium paint to make the hands on watches glow and the workers became so radioactive that their skin had a permanent glow, even today in their coffins. Radium Zoo is my imagination of a world where every creature was contaminated with radium.

Why is the video distorted at the end?
Radioactive contamination! LOL, just joking… For some reason when I insert a full size image in my video editor it tends to mess it up after it’s uploaded. I decided to keep the video up as it’s a minor part of the video but in the future I will only use footage of the final piece instead of an image. If you’d like to see it in full size it is on my website shumakerart.com or on my social media accounts (links below)

What paints do you use?
SoHo Acrylic paints from Jerry’s Artarama Acrylic Set of 24. My favorite for getting pops of vibrant color. I also used Golden shift paint green/orange on the highlights for that iridescent pop of color.

What brand of clay?
Super Sculpey Living Doll

What did you use to fix the sculpture to the wood?
2 part epoxy glue

Is this piece available?
It will be! In the 3rd Thursday of August. Stay tuned to my social media for the drop! 🙂

Do you have other pieces available?
All originals are available here: shumakerart.com/new-products

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