Plein Air Painting with Sennelier Egg Tempera colors

My first time to use the Sennelier Egg Tempera and Etchr Lab gouache brush set in plein air painting. Seems like an unconventional way to explore this medium.

I used the triad of alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and lemon yellow and titanium white.

I tried to experiment with transparent washes and opaque layers to learn how this medium works. It felt like gouache, but seems to be more translucent and vivid. I would not recommend very thick applications though, as it seemed to be prone to cracking and chipping off, much like casein. Using small overlappling strokes to create translucent layers, as other artists suggest, seemed to be the best way to use it. The paint also dried rapidly.

And yes, the paint really smelled like eggs.

Plein air trees
Egg tempera on A5 sketchbook

Sketchbook and gouache brush set from Etchr Lab

The DIY easel was designed by James Gurney

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