Pencil drawing time lapse – ‘Sage’ by Jono Dry

Jono Dry:

The new year has brought with it many changes in my life.

It’s been scary, all this change, but I am learning to trust myself, and to trust that while these changes have the potential to cause pain, they also offer a chance for me to understand myself more deeply, to reassess old fears and, above all, to grow.

This drawing has been with me for much of this journey. It has remained the constant to which I returned every day in studio.

The figure of the blind sage has continued to offer a small sense of peace during this time, a quiet wisdom that sees more clearly by feeling than by sight. He turns towards something out of frame.

To the future, perhaps, and to the place to which all these changes lead.

A new time lapse from the studio – I hope you enjoy it!

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