Pen & Ink Drawing Tips | How add crosshatching to an arm

How to draw tips on shading or rendering with hatching and crosshatching as a part of learning how to draw with pen and ink. I used a Lamy Safari fountain pen.

How to use line variation, as in line weight is my main focus here. How to vary line weight or thickness to convey light and shadow and describe volume.

I used a part of a drawing by Hendrick Goltzius as a reference for pointing out some useful techniques you should practice or at least be aware of when drawing with pen and ink using a fountain pen, dip pen or other instrument.
You can use this as a guide for how to draw a muscular arm and hand with fingers and all. Its also good practice to copy from people who seem to have a good handle on pen and ink or any other drawing medium you want proficiency in.

Happy Drawing 🙂


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