Painting classical portraits – The Sketchbook of 100 OLD MASTER paintings

Subscribe to see full HOW TO PAINT videos in the next period,about realistic drawing techniques, portrait drawings, drawing the figure, color mixing, and learning to draw. I will try to add more art educational content and longer videos on which you could clearly see the begining of a drawing and painting process and the end of it also. If you like the style of the old masters, anatomy, impressionistic painting, classical realism,constructive drawing, realistic drawing, color mixing, than this is the best place to find what you are interested in!

My name is Isty, i am 28 years old, living in Romania(Cluj), i am also Hungarian ,i hope you will enjoy my FIRST video with my paintings and drawings for this project that i made back in 2017-2018 when i studied more this kind of method.This is a sketchbook demo video , so the works are ment to be smaller and i intended be very accurate and close to the original paintings. I tried to choose what i really liked instead of doing something what is easy, because i like challanges, I like living artists also, sometimes i do sketches of their works also, because as we know, there are some great living masters , artists.We do master copies with the purpose of learning.But i adivice you to not to stick to the exact dimmension of the photo refference all the time! this is just style, a technique that had been used in the past, just try to learn comparative or constructive , analitic drawing also, it is different when you try to think instead and build.Draw from memory, draw from anatomy books, draw from master paintings. Draw in many styles. You will se the difference after a hard work!

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