Mix media layered into digital artwork

Joanna Henly aka Miss Led recently moved from London to the artisanal Lisboa, Portugal, and Wacom was invited to her studio. No time for the whole video? Jump to:

0:23 work example
1:38 working with Clip Studio Paint
2:45 how to change the ExpressKeys and applying hotkeys
5:11 benefits of working digitally
6:26 how to give the brush a graphite feel
11:55 how to start with coloured pieces
16:54 changing the colour of the linework
18:08 how to flip the workspace to get a different perspective
19:25 adding more depth to the piece
22:55 blending/smudging to get a more organic feel
24:53 adding more depth and shadows
26:02 adding highlights to finish it off
32:31 where to find quick keys

Get your Wacom Intuos with Clip Studio Paint now: http://bit.ly/2NW8S6U

Filmed and edited by Jack Woodhams founder of Posterspy.com

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