Mini Sculpting Super Show 39 – 5 Must Have Sculpting Tools

Not sure what kinds of tools you need to sculpt miniatures? Well the good news is, you can get by with sculpting just about anything by picking up these 5 MUST HAVE tools.

Large Burnisher:
My favorite sculpting tool of all time is the Wax 5. You can pick one up at my website:

Small Burnisher:
If you’re not up for making your own small burnisher, you can pick one up from this great tool website:

Hobby Knife:
I prefer using a #15 scalpel blade for my hobby knife. You can pickup the handle I use here:
Unfortunately the blades aren’t for sale on this site anymore, but any of the other sizes could work just as well.

Needle Tool:
You can buy a probe tool in so many places I’m not even going to post a link here. Plus, this tool is so easy to make, I suggest just puttying in a pin to a brass tube.

Clay Shaper:
I use the Flat Chisel extra firm Clay/Colour Shaper. There are a variety of heads but I always use Size 0:

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