Lee SooHyuk [Watercolor Painting]

Lee SooHyuk [Watercolor Painting]
Hope you enjoy it ^^~

Music: Pachabelly – Huma-Huma

Watercolor/Watercolor pencils/Acrylic paint
200g/m² Watercolor Paper

☾ Quick FAQ ☽

♦ Can you make a Tutorial on drawing Eyes/Faces/Galaxies/etc.? ♦
→ No, I don’t make Tutorials anymore.

♦ What is that brush/paper/color/etc. ? ♦
→ If it’s not in the Infobox than you probably will find it in one of my Material Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYKLMOV3cn-yjBQLeixCiD99aafoGL2gL

♦ Do you paint commissions? ♦
→ Yes, but you have to send me a mail with what you exactly want (references help, size of the painting), so I can tell you if I’m able to paint it and how much it would cost. E-mail to tillith(at)gmx.de

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