Kimono Girl – Japanese style watercolor (SubENG)

(Description Translated with Google Translate)

* Correction x “squeezed hair ornament” → 〇 “knob work hair ornament” ?
I noticed later that I drew a seam on the shoulder of the kimono ? It’s fine, but it’s a mistake because there is no seam on the shoulder of the kimono. Also, since the furisode is matched with the pattern, it looks like a yukata even if it is misaligned … I will draw while studying kimono ?

Coming-of-age ceremony seems to be canceled due to coronavirus in our town this year ?
I really like the furisode, but
At the very least, I wanted to make the picture radiant and joyful just by feeling.

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・ Fine Tech Premium Pearl Cent Color
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・ Kuretake Real Brush 90 color set
・ Hard glass pen Seifu Kan
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・ Copic Multiliner Warm Gray 0.1
? * Correction: In the video x Multiliner Sepia → 〇Multiliner Warm Gray
・ Maruman Vifar Watercolor Paper Nakame
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・ Black Sable No. 12
・ Tarence Van Gogh Visual Brush
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Graduated from the Department of Japanese Painting, Art University
I am working on various painting materials such as oil paintings, watercolors, colored pencils, pen drawings, and Japanese paintings.

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