Keeping The Bob Ross Dream Alive: Nic Hankins

In this call back to Season 1 of “The Joy of Painting”, Bob Ross certified instructor Nic Hankins takes us to a beautiful, autumn time scene. Learn how to create snowy, almighty mountains, fog that spills between deep valleys, distant rolling green hills composed of millions of evergreen trees, and a vast lake surrounded by the diverse color palette that autumn brings us each year.

For information about the Bob Ross Teacher Certification Program:
go to, send an email to [email protected] or call 1-800-BOB-ROSS (1-800-262-7677).

Produced by Janson Media, Inc. ( & Bob Ross, Inc. (
Filmed at the YouTube Space in New York City

Executive Producer
Jesse Janson
Joan Kowalski
Sarah Strohl

Nic Hankins

Associate Producer
James A. Shapiro

Connor Wilson

Production Manager
Charishma Bogolu

James A. Shapiro

Camera Operators
Alex Cruz
James A. Shapiro

Filmed at the
YouTube Space
in New York, NY


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