How to VARNISH an Oil Painting

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In this comprehensive video I show you a few techniques for varnishing oil paintings. Before you get stuck in, It’s vital that you first observe my TOP 5 TIPS!
1. Make sure your painting is dry! (6-12 months)
2. Varnish in a clean and dust free zone!
3. Use the right varnish for the job!
4. Apply your varnish with painting laying FLAT!
5. Ensure you achieve a thin, even and uniform coat!

To get your painting “exhibition ready” Use RE TOUCH varnish. Several different brands make this. It’s essentially a ketone resin suspended in solvent. It has an open surface to allow your painting to continue to breathe, you can also keep working over this!

Damar can be brittle, and can yellow over time. Make sure you use this varnish only on rigid panels to avoid cracking!

Windsor and Newton (not a sponsor) Final picture Varnish is my varnish of choice. You can find that here (in this demo I combined Matte and Gloss:

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