How to Paint in PROCREATE – Painting a Portrait from Start to Finish

In this video, I show you my WHOLE process on How to Paint in ProCreate.
And in case you need it, here is my COMPLETE GUIDE on How to Use PROCREATE

Here we divide the painting process in 5 steps and together we go from the sketch, to how to apply shadows, to painting on top and blending colors and finalizing adding more character to the portrait.

If you are just starting to use the iPad to paint or you are new to painting in procreate you want to watch this video.

The portrait was inspired by the beautiful Lily Maymac.

These are the steps we follow in this tutorial:

Step 1: Sketching
Step 2: Local Colors
Step 3: Light and Shadow
Step 4: Paintover
Step 5: Corrections

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