How to paint Dragons in Photoshop– Bonus content

Working on an older painting that I started a while ago… This is a “reboot” alt version based on one of my older works. I started it as a tutorial, but never finished it. But now that I completed this other tutorial here— , I decided to go ahead and finish this one to add to the tutorial as a bonus extra. (If you already bought the tutorial in the link, you will of course automatically have access to the new content)

You’ll notice that towards the end, I flipped it… I posted on Facebook the question of which flipped version looks better. Got a lot of fascinating feedback. What do you think? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.
This painting is by no stretch finished— will probably add one more round of tightening. But I feel it’s finished enough to share as is… To follow further progress, check out:
Or— follow on FB here:

Dragon tutorials:
Werewolf tutorial:
Photorealism tutorial:


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