How to Paint a Country Road in the Forest | Acrylic

Painting foreground details such as leaves and foliage can be time consuming. However with a little extra work to shade in the areas first, prior to the detail, it can be done a lot easier.

In this video I show you how to paint this country road through the autumn forest. I detail how to paint the leaves on the ground, the highlights and shadows, as well as the gravel on the road.

PART 1 of this painting:

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If you have any questions about something I covered or maybe something I didn’t cover in this painting tutorial I am more than happy to answer.

Materials used:
Golden fluid acrylics – raw umber, titamium white, napthol crimson, cad orange, cad yellow, phathlo blue (green shade)
Water for mixing with the paints
Stretched canvas
Various brushes I showed throughout the video


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