How to mount a finished watercolor painting on canvas

In this instructional video I present my method for mounting a finished watercolor painting onto stretched canvas. Using this method for many years to prepare watercolor paintings for exhibition, I have seen how my watercolor paintings are as durable and impervious to damage as are my acrylic on canvas paintings. Mounting watercolor paintings onto canvas and protecting them behind multiple layers of acrylic varnish enables me to retain visual qualities characteristic of the classic transparent method of watercolor painting, and results in an image surface that is comparable in strength to acrylic on canvas, thus eliminating the need to protect the finished painting by framing it behind glass. Without an intervening layer of glass covering the painting there are no distracting surface reflections, and scale is completely liberated since the limitations of glass size is not a factor.

“How to Mount a Finished Watercolor Painting onto Canvas,” begins with a presentation of some of my mounted watercolor paintings on exhibition. Then I proceed to demonstrate the process of mounting the painting. Topics include stretching and preparing the canvas, preparing the watercolor painting for mounting, measuring and centering the painting, transferring the watercolor painting to the canvas and the final applications of varnish.

In this video as in all my video tutorials, I employ teaching methods that I have cultivated with more than 35 years of college teaching, and my objective is communicate information in a clear and articulate manner that will contribute greatly to one’s understanding of the process being discussed.

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