How to mount a drawing to wood panel – Sam Flegal

How to Mount a Drawing to a DaVinci Wood Panel with Artist Sam Flegal.

Professional Artist Sam Flegal enjoys drawing scenes from Norse Lore on Strathmore paper and then mounting them on DaVinci Birch Wood Pro Painting Panels.

Sam says, “The wood panels create a firm easy-to-handle working surface that stands up to rigorous brush work.”

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DaVinci Birch Wood Pro Painting Panels Key Features:
Strength and rigidity
Light weight and sturdy
You can gesso the panel
Fine-grained, finely sanded
7/8″, 1 5/8″ & 2 1/2″ Deep
Tougher than canvas and no problem of ever sagging
Wood sourced from ecologically fast growth forests
Warp resistant, kiln-dried New Zealand Pine cradle with Birch panel

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