How to Make Drawing a Habit

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The longer I live, the more obvious it is that my goals are not what determines what I do, my habits are. Sometimes, my goals can push me to some short term action that creates a habit, and the habit leads to real change and results, but it’s a really inconsistent process.

It seems to be much more powerful instead to focus on modifying the habits directly instead. We don’t have to be slaves to our habits, we can design them purposefully, so we can change them to help us draw much more.

We’re going to look at the cue, action and reward mechanism that creates a habit and how we can choose and change these to help us draw everyday.

February 2019 will be Figuary – Figure Drawing Month! That’s 28 days of figure drawing practice – just the right amount of time to build new habits.

On Love Life Drawing, we’ll bring you a short video everyday with guidance on building up your drawing skills. The amazing resource Croquis Cafe will also bring you a video everyday, including life models posing so you can do a daily practice session. The most important thing to do during Figuary will be to try to draw the Croquis Cafe models, even just a little bit, each day.
Croquis Cafe:

Our videos will be very practical – each day we will look at a different part of figure drawing skill, keeping it manageable and building on the previous day.

We would love to see your drawings during Figuary. On Instagram, we’ll use the #figuary hashtag or you’ll also be able to email us your drawings.

We can’t wait to get started and really hope you’ll join us!

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