How to improve your Art + Digital Art demo – Marc Brunet

Professional Artist Marc Brunet explain how to become a better artist and how to improve your Art skills in the fastest way. Original Title: HERE’S THE FASTEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR ART (from a professional artist)


(From comment section:

Thanks to Lily Fae)

1) Practice everyday 1:44

2) Study from reference 2:45

3) Have the right mindset 3:50

4) Self-awareness 6:10

5) Find better artists and learn from them 8:37

6) Show your art off 9:40

7) Don’t burn out 11:06

8) Keep your expectations in check 12:55

9) Work on projects 15:05

10) Compete 16:24

11) This is the most important one, so it’s better to just watch the whole section. 18:28

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