How to Fix a Smear In Your Colored Pencil Drawings

Here’s the scenario…

You’re sitting at your drawing table, creativity is flowing, anticipation is high. Forty hours into the best darn portrait you’ve ever drawn, you’re just a handful of strokes from the thrill of one more masterpiece “in the books”!

But then…

Disaster strikes.

What starts as an unassuming tickle in your nose, suddenly and violently erupts into a full-blown sneeze. A gale-force wind rushes forth leaving water droplets spread across your prized masterpiece!

What are you going to do?

Well, fortunately for you, a version of this event happened to Darrel in a recent Art Studio class. In this week’s free excerpt, you can see for yourself how Darrel approached this set back!

Hope it helps,

The 5-Pencil Method Team 🙂

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