Gouache Plein Air Set up and Tips

Today I have some tips for overcoming the struggles of gouache plein air painting. I’ll show you my supplies and share the journey as we head to the coast to paint.
I’ve painted here in a past video (July) so you may recognize this location. For some reason these cliffs are such a struggle for me! I am headed back there tomorrow to practice again.
Let me know if you have any questions!

00:00 Supplies & Packing
5:02 Setting up at the coast
6:57 Value Studies
8:20 Warm-up Painting
10:30 Second Painting
10:57 Results & Final thoughts

Winsor & Newton Designers Goauche
Holbein Gouache
Guerrilla 6×8 Thumbox (small pochade box)
Watercolor palette box

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