Model poses for life drawing – Gesture Drawing Online #001

One of the best ways to improve your figure drawing is to draw from life. Most figure drawing classes will have you draw from life models. This is a great way to build your observational skills, learn anatomy, and make friends with other students in your class. It’s also a great way to practice your drawing skills but if you can’t find a drawing class near you, don’t give up because you can still practice gesture and figure drawing using this video as a reference. In the Figure Models category, you will find many other videos like this one.

Gesture drawing is a “kind” of drawing exercise where you capture the movement of a person’s body without capturing specific details. This can be a difficult task even for the most accomplished artists. Gesture drawing is a simplified form of modeling that focuses more on the gesture and movement of the subject than the specific pose. It is often used as a warm-up exercise to help you develop the ability to translate your observation into a two-dimensional drawing. 


20 minutes of art model reference, perfect for a little creative break in the day

1:33 skip intro.
8:26 skip to two minutes.
20:00 skip to five minutes.
25:30 skip to gallery

———–* GALLERY *———-

The Pose Plan:
5 x 1 Minutes
5 x 2 Minutes
1 x 5 Minutes




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