FORESHORTENING (2 of 3) – 3 Techniques +2 bonus tips

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The first part in the foreshortening series:

In this part of our foreshortening series, we go over 3 techniques to help you deal with poses viewed from tricky angles. Most of them are designed to help you see the figure without your brain’s pre-conceptions of the figure – this is a key skill in dealing with foreshortening, as we saw in the first part.

Keep in mind that these kinds of techniques are not ‘quick fixes’. They are skills, which means they take practice time before they become useful. If you try them and still struggle, that is natural and doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or with the technique. Every step in learning to draw takes a bit of struggle, especially foreshortening!

We also go over two ‘bonus’ tips. One of them is to watch this Croquis Cafe tutorial:

Check out our Gesture Drawing series, it’s well worth a look:

The reference photos used in this video are also from Croquis Cafe – check out their website:

Music: Lazy Afternoon Sun by Dan Lebowitz, Fresh Fallen Snow by Chris Haugen, Wave in the Atmosphere by Dan Lebowitz


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