Experimenting with Brush and Pencil’s Powdered blender and soft pastels and lots of other supplies

titled “That One Night”.
Going outside the box a bit and seeing how soft pastels work with Brush and Pencil’s Powdered Blender. I didn’t expect it to work as well as the blender does with colored pencil, but I was curious to see what would happen. Overall, I liked how they worked together. I will use the blender in the future when working with soft pastels on sanded paper. I also incorporated the Titanium White and Powdered blender application with a dry brush to help create the clouds in the sky. I show again how to create the paint like mixture using the touch-up texture and powdered titanium white colored pencil. Some demonstration of the texture fixative and mixing in some acrylic paint as well. See below for the list of supplies and where to find them.

Titanium White Powdered Blender, Touch-up Texture, Powdered Blender, Texture Fixative, Final Fixative all from https://www.brushandpencil.com/

Artist Loft soft pastels $5.00 for 30 colors and artist loft acrylic paints from Michaels Arts and Crafts

UArt Sanded Paper 600 grade from Jerry’sartarama.com

Reference photo taken by yours truly in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida

Enjoy and step outside the box and mix it up!


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