Everything Wrong With The Animation Community Critics

How often are these critics misrepresenting the community and lying by omission, purposefully or accidentally? How constructive is the criticism? Is the animation community really THAT hostile to criticism? What’s more likely to cause an artist to stagnant, an inflated ego or self-doubt?

Let’s analyze the quality and relevance of the criticism about TheOdd1sOut and the rest of the animation community including Jaiden Animations, Lukeorsomething, Tabbes, Spechie and Chillypanda

🎨 Nsio Explains: Learning Order to Human Drawing 🎨: https://www.deviantart.com/nsio/art/Nsio-Explains-Learning-Order-to-Human-Drawing-581708010

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✅ Sections: ✅
1:12 Discussing patterns.
4:06 Not changing strategies when people shut you out.
10:02 The misrepresentation of Tabbes Nice Track by Turkey Tom and then by TRO.
12:23 Animation Criticism
17:00 Puppets, Patreon and making others value subjective criticism.
24:29 Children.
26:22 Jaiden Animations V.S. David Firth
29:35 Culty introverts.
33:47 Turkey Tom making my point for me in a video talking about himself.
34:37 Suspiciously wholesome marshmallow man.
39:23 TRO predicts the animation community will fall out of popularity EVENTUALLY and I predict we will all die EVENTUALLY.
41:53 OhMyGodIt’sJames soft Doxing Spechie and TRO arguing Turkey Tom has done no damage to his reputation by being trollish.
48:41 😠
50:26 Sleuthy boi.
51:37 Is there anyway making story time videos can hurt your growth as an artist?
56:31 Let’s talk about what usually happens when you criticize accessible YouTubers.
1:01:17 Daftpina
1:04:27 Hollow social media apologies.
1:09:51 The conclusion.

42:00 I used a video by Lazlack if you’re wondering who that was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSnm6kN3NO0


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