Colored Pencil blending, layering and tips on black paper – Lachri

Is black paper a good choice for colored pencils? I’m sharing some of the pros and cons and tips for working on this type of surface. I’ve got tips on blending with odorless mineral spirits (OMS) and the types of pencils I like best for this sort of work. Join me while I draw my pelican! I want to note that while this video is sped up for youtube, it actually takes many days worth of work to complete. Don’t rush your work thinking it should be done in a couple of hours 🙂


Watch the 3 hour tutorial with real time clips at Patreon


I’m working on Canson Conservation Board which I purchased from If you do a search for Canson Mi-teintes art boards it will be listed there with those.

My fine white details are being painted on with my mixture of Touch Up Texture and Colored Pencil Titanium White Powder from

See how I mix titanium white powder and touch up texture for fine white details



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